Small publisher & Happy authors (an introduction)


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For those who are just discovering S & H Publishing, this is a little bit about us and what we do.

S & H Publishing was formed with one goal in mind—providing quality books for our readers. We want to attract a following of devoted readers who depend on us to bring them good books that are well written and well edited. Today’s book market is more alive than ever. The advent of ebooks and print-on-demand technology has opened the door for new talented writers who are bursting with great stories and fresh enthusiasm. We want to bring these talented writers to our readers.

Everyone associated with S & H is an avid reader, and we understand the disappointment of picking up a book that sounds interesting only to have it marred by poor writing, poor editing, or poor proofreading. Unfortunately, sometimes new writers have more enthusiasm than craftsmanship. That’s where our expertise comes into play. We edit, proofread, and help our authors realize the full potential of their writing. We cannot guarantee perfection, but we continually strive for it.

Visit our website for a look at what we have gathered for you.

Visit our online store, find links to ebooks of all kinds on our book pages. Read about our talented authors, connect with them through their own blogs, and let them know how much you enjoy their books.

Try our books, and Happy Reading!


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